Our Process

We have developed very successful methods of implementing our projects.  Our methods provide consistent, high quality, and efficient designs that have earned us repeat customers over our 30+ years in business.

process map

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UNDERSTAND: JR Controls' primary responsibility as your control systems integration partner is to understand the components should ideally work together. By learning about the details of the customer application and environment, we are able to develop recommendations that meet the needs of the unique system.

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DOCUMENT: The next step in JR Controls' highly regimented process is to carefully document all the specifications of the project and develop a detailed written description of the work to be performed. This is carefully reviewed by all parties to ensure that all factors of the project have been taken into consideration prior to design.

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DESIGN: JR Controls develops the hardware and software design based on the approved specifications. Constant cross-checking to the plan is performed to ensure that the project goals and budget are being met. The electric system is commissioned, software is developed and the components are tested.

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VALIDATE: Our process and our dedication to excellent implementation requires final verification and validation of all hardware and software components. The original design documents that were approved in Phase II are carefully consulted to validate the outcomes from the design phase.

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IMPLEMENT: As a turn key provider of system controls projects, we personally install every controls system that we design and commission. We coordinate with the end-user staff to make sure that they are properly trained in using the new or updated system and help them understand maintenance needs.

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