Auto Conveying & Assembly Stations

J R Controls provides control systems for the automotive industry. 

  • These control systems manage the movement of parts on a timely basis per a production schedule while keeping track of the progress of those parts.
  • Many of these controls systems are Just In Time (JIT) systems where parts are delivered at the exact time they are needed.
  • These control systems need to have high reliability and high uptime while allowing easy maintenance and troubleshooting using standard controls components specified by the customer.
  • Automotive control systems are typically modular in design allowing for easy reconfiguration for future production requirements and changes.  
  • These control systems frequently utilize barcoding, RFID, and many specialized devices associated with assembly including torque tools, ovens, electrical testers, tolerance checks, inspection cameras, and robots.  
  • Some of these control systems interface with a supervisory MES system while others monitor and maintain part progress internally.  
  • These control systems typically have multiple system operator screens (HMI) for system monitoring and trouble shooting.  
  • Larger systems utilize PC based HMI products with access from anywhere via VPN into the customers network.